Shameless Season 9 Spoilers – Fiona’s New Man Is A Keeper

Ford (Richard Flood) will be around for quite a long time, enough until Fiona (Emmy Rossum) falls in love with him, in the upcoming season of “Shameless.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Nancy Pimental hinted that Fiona’s new man could be the one for her. When viewers met Ford, he was that enigmatic guy who could not seem to decide if he liked Fiona or not. Ford is actually a graduate of Yale School of Architecture and an ex-seminarian. To Fiona, he was not a lot different from the men she hooked up with in the past. For one, Ford was headstrong and independent. He kept Fiona guessing. Pimental said it was refreshing for her to feel that way.

“Hopefully, yeah. What intrigued us was, it gave Fiona somebody who she had to fight for. She’s so used to having it kind of easy. And somebody who’s a little bit more mysterious, more grounded, a little bit more in their center, isn’t in their chaos, and doesn’t bring out her codependency,” the EP teased.

If Ford decides to stick around, he and Fiona will likely be good together. This is the right time for her to have a serious relationship. She is a bit more mature and somehow financially stable with her apartment building. Although her problems with her family will still be there, her life is healthier and better than before. Fiona also knows that Ford is not the type of person to mooch off her. Meanwhile, if Fiona’s relationship is looking good, her brother Ian’s (Cameron Monaghan) is not. After the stunt he pulled with the Church of Gay Jesus, he inevitably pushed his boyfriend away.

According to spoilers, Ian and Trevor’s (Elliot Fletcher) affair is over for good. Their connection became volatile when Ian became involved in his church. He turned into a megalomaniac and started seeing himself as God. The final straw for Trevor was when his boyfriend became so invested in his “cult” that he had no time to waste with him. When the series returns in the new installment, Ian is going to be well and truly alone.

“Shameless” season 9 is expected to air in the Fall or early 2019.